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Shaw-nee Slopes Golf Course


Today's price: $55.00 *
Tomorrow's price: $43.00 *
* prices may change without notice and may differ if today is a holiday
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9 Hole Walk on Rate: $35.00
Power Cart (18 holes): $34.00
Power Cart (9 holes): $18.00
Pull Cart (18 holes): $6.00
Pull Cart (9 holes): $3.50
Rental Clubs: $25.00
Large Bucket of Balls: $12.00
Small Bucket of Balls: $8.00
Private Lesson (45 minutes): $65.00
Playing Lesson- 9 holes: $120.00

Contact Info

Book your tee time: 403-256-1444

820 James McKevitt Road SW
Calgary, AB

Shaw-nee Slopes Golf Course website

Course Review


Written Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a pleasure to play on this Calgary golf course this morning. An early morning with perfect weather, we were one of the first groups out to the links. Fairways were well treed, nicely labeled, and had lots of variety in play. Many holes had a very decent difficulty rating, although not too hard for a beginner to have a great time. The Golf Marshall told us that the course has been conditionally sold to a developer who will tear up the golf course for a new community. Bit of a shame and I'd definitely recommend taking in the golf course before it closes down (this might be its last year). The only thing I would have liked is maps of each hole on the golf course itself on the tee and the yardage was different on the score card than labeled at the tees.

Course Beauty

The course was very beautiful. Very mature trees and beautiful houses map this lovely South West Calgary community golf course. Fountains were present in the limited number of water hazards. Rabbits and geese were in no short supply. Quite lovely.


In my opinion, there weren't a whole lot of sand or water hazards on this course (although I hit most of them :) but difficulty came into play with the large amount of trees. Long narrow fairways were unforgiving in stray golf balls and I honestly lost quite a few. Even many of the par 3 had tricky layouts - sometimes hard to recover from bogeys on previous holes. I found many of my shots having a tree in my way rather than sand or water. Someone with a very controlled shot would likely have no problem, but beginner to intermediate golfers (or those of us having a bad day) might have a bit of a problem.

Personal rating

4.5 stars

I give this golf course a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely play the course again if invited and believe the course is well worth the green fee.

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